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Joker - Lips

November 2009



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Alex - Blue

Heeeey! I liiiiive!

Sorry for not being around much. Live got...busy, I guess, for once. I got an internship at an advertising agency for graphic art...then my friends came back from college...then prom came...yada yada.

I'm way too lazy to tell the tale of prom weekend now. Lets just say it was...interesting.

Maybe later~

Love you kids<3
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OMG!! IT'S YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU XD XD *huggles huggles huggles* XD
OMG!! ITS YOOOOOOU! *glomp, huggle, snug* xD Suuuuup?
Yes that shall be me! XD

*glomp glomp huggle snuggle* :p

Meh I'm alright I guess ^^ and you?! Haven't heard from you in aaaaaaaages!
I'm goood, I guess. Tired and achy but what else is new?

Yeaaah, I've been partying a lot. *snickers* And pissing off the parental unit. Apparently smoking is 'bad'. All well. Cigarettes taste good~
Yeah same here really ^^

Oh smokies! Me smoked too ^^ I know what ya mean lol
Yeaaah. Smoking is fun. I prefer cigarettes over anything else, though...

I think its just because the smell reminds me of good times. And this hot 19-year-old that was REALLY wasted and chillin' with us behind the bathrooms of this camping place because he was amused by my bright pink Cheshire Cat pants. >> xD I attract weirdos<3

OOOH sounds like good times indeed! lol

yeah yeah or anything else ;) tssss

Oh well I love my smokes. I'm quite addicted. Just like coffee and sugar. My little guilty pleasures that help me through my days. *sigh* you're warned though since the crap they write on the packages are pretty true. Yes yes. Had to say it. Alright alright I'll be quiet.

..hehhee bright pink cheshire cat pants XD thehe! (don't worry so do I ^^ lol)