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Joker - Lips

November 2009



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Kovacs - Hands

Still fucking with things. I'm psycho. :D Yeah, some ooc ness and shit. Dont kill me lovelies.










Prompt 07; Restraint


November 4, 1985


                Ever since the attacks, the world had been at a standstill. Ground Zero was just being cleared of fires and volunteers from around the United States were showing up to help clear the area.

               There was a new sort of hope among the people, despite the fear of Dr. Manhattan returning. The world was united finally. Adrian’s plan had worked. The world was now at peace with itself. Everyone was better than they had been in the past.

               Even Armand, who had vowed to never change, was a better person. Somehow, on Karnak, he’d learned restraint.

               Or, he’d thought he had until he learned about the press conference Veidt Enterprises was going to have. The former mask found himself unable to stop himself from impersonating a reporter and going.

               As the floor opened for questions, Armand raised his hand, knowing he’d be called on first. Adrian always had had an order of hat seat he called on first in conferences. The blonde was obsessively consistent, Armand had noticed.

               “Yes, mister..?” The American accented voice asked and Armand resisted the urge to shiver. He’d never liked that voice in the business-y American-accented tone.

               “Monroe, Hyde Monroe.” He raised his head, smirking somewhat. The woman next to him gaped somewhat at him and he winked at her.

               There went the last of the restraint he had learned in the previous days. Using such a tone and personal attitude with his mask name was a definite clue to those observant enough that Hyde was back. He’d never given away his true identity in ’75, just disappeared. But now, secret identity be damned, he didn’t care anymore.

               “I was just wondering what you were doing to help with Ground Zero. I mean, besides funding the revival effort of all of the Ground Zeroes in the world and raising money for the survivors.” Hyde licked at his lips. “Well, actually, what I’m really wondering Mr. Veidt, is if we’ll see your face among the volunteers tomorrow doing work to clear the place.”

               The room went awkwardly silent, with Adrian making eye contact with Armand for the first time since before the incident. Under his façade, Armand knew he’d hit something, and he didn’t care.

               “Will I be seeing you there, Mr. Hyde Monroe?”

               Armand faltered, not expecting his question to be answered with a question. His silence only lasted for a few moments as he answered. “Of course, Ozy-baby, I will be lacking my costume, of course, but I will be there. The question was, however, was if you will be there, Ozymandias.”

               Adrian didn’t miss a beat, despite the fact that Armand knew he was breaking mentally. “I will be there if you will, Hyde.”

               “Oh good.


Prompt 06; Reward

July 10, 1984


               Two days before the organized gathering against famine and Veidt’s office was chaos. People were running around, stacks of papers in hand, speaking loudly to one another.

               It was maddening and Armand was enjoying every moment of it from his spot next to the elevator, on the edge of the fountain. No one had bothered questioning his presence, he was usually there to visit Veidt often, but he was rather surprised that he hadn’t been told to get lost just yet.

               The elevator dinged and Adrian stepped into the waiting area outside his office. People flocked to him almost immediately and, seeing that this was his only chance to get to Adrian before he was rushed away into his office, Armand stood and moved close to his former crime-fighting partner.


               “Mr. Veidt-“

               He hissed as the tacky blonde secretary moved in his way and tripped over his own two feet. Armand managed a loud yip before reaching out to grab onto Adrian to catch himself. Only, the female assistant was still in the way and he instead found himself falling backwards with the woman in his hands.

               The splash seemed to echo in the room everyone stopping to stare as the brunette shoved the female off him and sat up. The woman sat up soon afterwards, looking outraged.

               “You-you!” She stopped, noticing that the papers she had been carrying were floating around her and splashed about, snatching at the soggy paperwork. “Oh god, I’m so sorry, Mr. Veidt. Please forgive me.”

               “Do not worry, Sonya, it was not your fault.” Adrian reached over and helped the woman up, smiling rather professionally. “You can redo the paperwork later. The meet isn’t for another two days. Go home, change and come back. You can fix everything then, okay?”

               The woman wiped her wet hair out of her eyes and nodded, blushing somewhat before disappearing behind her desk to gather her things and leaving.

               That being done, Adrian turned his hazel eyes onto Armand, who was silently snickering at the entire scene before him.

               “I’ll be in my office, trying to figure out what was so important to Mr. Newman here that he had to pull my assistant into the fountain with him to get my attention. If you need my assistance, please wait for, oh, twenty minutes.” Adrian swept into his office and Armand, looking like a drowned rat, followed. “Oh, and, Annie?” His assistant’s assistant looked up. “Please fetch some towels and some clothes from my penthouse for Mr. Newman.”

               The door closed with a resounding click and Armand looked at Adrian with a perfectly innocent grin under his soaked messy brown hair. “Seriously, now, Adrian, did you scent the water in your fountain to make you seem extremely fashionable or did you do it just because it smells pretty now?”

               The look he was rewarded with was enough to scare most people into peeing themselves and hiding in corners, begging for forgiveness. Armand merely broke out into hysterical giggles. 


Prompt 05; Pain
January 19, 1975


               The pain he feels as Ozymandias tells him that he’s retiring leaving Hyde to be a masked hero on his own is immeasurable. He understands why, of course, knows the reasons why the other is moving on, but he is hurt by the other’s words. It hurts more than when he was shot that one time, or when he was hit with a brick in the chest, both times ending with Ozymandias calling him a dolt and bandaging him up.

               “So, that’s it then?” Hyde’s voice slips softer into a tone he only uses during the day, when he’s Armand. He’s even smoking, something he vowed to not do during the night when he’s Hyde just because it bothered Ozymandias. Now, he didn’t care.

               Ozymandias is smiling somewhat sadly at him, “Yes. Do you want-“

               “No.” He exhaled smoke, watching impassively as it faded away. “I suppose I’ll read it in the paper tomorrow.”

               Ozymandias nodded. “Yes.”

               Hyde dropped his cigarette and stomped it out. “Will you miss it?”

               “Yes.” The smooth German accent slipped in like it always did when Ozymandias was thinking. “Every day.”

               “Then, why do it?” Hyde snapped, eyes flashing dangerously. “Why quit if you’re going to miss it that damned much?”

               Ozymandias sighed softly. “Our time, the time of masked heroes, is coming to a close now. In my personal opinion, it’s time to retire of my own will before I’m forced to.”

               “And what bastard would dare to force such a mask as yourself to retire?”

               “The law.” Ozymandias sighed and gave Hyde a look. “I’m sorry, Hyde, if I’ve disappointed you-”

               “Don’t worry about it, you’re just..doing what you feel you should, Ozy.” A pause. “So...this is goodbye, I take it?”

               Ozymandias smiled. “I’m sure you will be visiting me in the future.” Here, Hyde kicked at the ground with a slightly guilty look. He’d been planning to do the very same thing. “I will be leaving, however, for about a week to visit my private island. I’ve already invited Miss Jupiter and Dr Manhattan, you’re most welcome to join us.”

               Hyde shook his head with a bemused look. “No thank you, I don’t do the cold, remember?”

               Ozymandias smiled. “Of course. I can imagine I’ll be seeing you soon,”

               “Perhaps, if I like who you are under that mask. And if I’m allowed and able to get into your place without being seen while still wearing my costume.” A cheeky grin.

               “You’ll find a way to pester me, I’m sure.” He chuckled before turning and beginning to walk away. “Goodbye Hyde.”

               Ozymandias made it sound so final and with a sharp start it realized it was. He felt his was the last time he’d see Ozymandias.

               “Goodbye, you bastard.”

               The pain blossomed in his chest and he had to bite the inside of his cheeks to keep from saying anything else. Ozymandias had made his choice, and no matter how much Armand was saddened by it, he could do nothing about it.


Prompt 04; Control

May 1966


Meeting up with Ozymandias had become a ritual thing by May of 1966. The older man and him had established somewhat of a friendship and partnership by this time, despite the fact that Ozymandias was obsessively punctual and Armand was....not. The two patrolled together quite well and were worked quite well together.

Of course, their friendship was rather tentative one, with Armand often asking silly questions and Ozymandias giving him strange looks every once and a while for his questions.

During one crisp night in May, the two were walking across rooftops, ears and eyes strained for any trouble that seemed to not be happening that night. It was during this time that Ozymandias asked the one question that started a bit of an understanding moment between the two.

“Why is it that you dress like a aristocrat that got=mugged, Hyde?”

Armand blinked at the question and laughed gently, moving to walk backwards in front of the hero. “It’s my own personal style. Just you wait, Ozymandias, it’s going to be a big thing in the future. I call it...punk aristocracy.” He posed a bit before laughing gently.

Ozymandias, to his credit, managed to continue to look stoic as he replied in a dry tone. “And the fake eyelashes on your right eye?”

“Personal flare.” Armand grinned and shrugged. “What’s your story, Ozy-baby?”

The blonde ignored the nickname and answered in a scholar-like tone. “Ozymandias was the Greek name of the pharaoh Rameses the Second.” He paused for a few moments before continuing. “I’ve adopted the style of the Egyptian Pharaohs to today’s society.”

Armand blinked before laughing gently and tripping and falling, causing for the other masked hero to stop. “It seems, my dear Ozymandias, that we are alike, taking styles of the past and adopting them to today. How amusing.”

Ozymandias allowed a brief smile to appear on his face and held out a hand to his partner. “How amusing indeed. Other than that, we are completely unalike.”

Armand giggled and allowed himself to be pulled up. “Yes, yes, you are a tightass hero with absolute control over himself-“ Here, Ozymandias’ face twitched, “-and I’m a completely klutzy goofball with no control whatsoever.” He drifted off as he watched the other’s gaze slid away to something in the distance. His head snapped to the side, following Ozy’s gaze like an alarmed dog.

There, in the distance, two bodies sat together on the edge of a rooftop, pressed together in the heat of a passionate kiss. The two bodies belonged to very familiar beings. The female was clad in black and yellow. The second body was muscular and blue, glowing slightly in the night.

A loud wolf whistle erupted from the younger of the two masked men and Ozymandias was forced to tackle his partner and cover his mouth with his hand to shut him up.

“Do have some control, Hyde.”

Blue eyes flashed. “Mm, only if you move just the slig-“

“Hyde.” A warning tone.

“Oh, alright, sourpuss.”