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Joker - Lips

November 2009



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JEH - Smokin'

I've been fucking around again. This time, I've been slaughtering the 30 Wicked Lesson's Prompt thing... My excuse is that the words inspired me. Probably not the way they were meant to be used but whatever.

Yeah, there is some oocness and an omc. My apologies.


Prompt 01; Silence


April 1966


        Hyde had never been punctual. He was always the last one to busts, usually arriving just as things went from bad to worse. Of course, it never really mattered because he was especially talented at taking any situation, no matter how dangerous it was, and turning it into a good one in moments. (This, itself, was rather odd considering how clumsy he was and that he was extremely young, around 17 years of age.)

        It should be noted that once he had started up a remote partnership with Ozymandias, over a month previous, his punctuality had slightly improved, but he was still usually late to things by ten minutes or longer.

        So, it was understandable that the masked heroes were surprised when Hyde appeared only five minutes late, looking tired but otherwise fine.

        The teenager apologized for being late and looked around for a few moments, paying some particular attention to the display Nelson had drawn up before settling on the floor next to the seated Ozymandias. He leaned against the older masked hero’s leg and closed his eyes, seemingly falling asleep, which ruined the effect of him appearing early.

        The meeting officially started as Nelson spoke up and ruined the awkward air Hyde had caused and everything started to turn remotely comfortable, even though Hyde was causing for some weird looks to be thrown at Ozymandias.

        Hyde didn’t move or open his eyes again until he felt Ozymandias shift and speak. Dark blue eyes slid open to watch as the Comedian advanced on the blonde masked hero seated behind him.

He sat up as he felt Ozymandias shift again and ignored his dark top hat as it slipped off his head when the masked hero behind him stood and moved. He, instead, glared at the Comedian as he burned Nelson’s display and walked off, effectively ruining the meeting.

He watched the other masks leave, staring blankly at the doorframe until he heard Ozymandias’ cool voice calming Nelson down before leaving. He stood at that point and, hat in hand, walked over to the aged masked hero, leaning up to kiss the man’s cheek with a childish affection.

“Do not worry, Nelson, we will make a difference without a group, I promise you this.” He smiled gently and turned to follow Ozymandias out the door and house.

“Ozy.” He muttered upon stepping outside, watching as the other man stopped his graceful decent of the outside steps. “Something’s changed with you in the past few moments.” Hyde walked down the stairs, stumbling over his combat boots as he lit a cigarette.

“The Comedian was correct, Hyde.”

“Shit, Ozy, you’ve got to be kidding me.” He hissed, nearly dropping his cigarette.

Ozymandias glanced at the teenager with a serious look before walking off.

Hyde glared out at the sky. “Fucking Comedian, the world’s already going to hell, what gives you the right to take us with it?”

Silence was the only thing he was answered with and he growled and walked off.


Prompt 02; Obedience
June 1960


In June of 1960, the Red Cross charity fundraiser for the famine in India had gathered crowds of many different types of people, most notably the combination of the masked heroes of the old age, combined with the masked hero of the new age and the superhuman Dr. Manhattan. People of curious nature surrounded the blue man, but little Armand Monroe Newman was the only one seemingly not interested.

His father was a reporter and a single father of two, both of whom had begged to be brought to the fundraiser to see the infamous superhero, however only Alice seemed interested in the great big blue man and was lost in the crowd around him. Armand, however, was interested in the other masked heroes.

The Comedian had been a good choice to hang around until he’d gotten yelled at and dragged away by his father. Next choice was Captain Metropolis and Mothman, both of whom were extremely nice to the eleven year old (even though Mothman smelt of alcohol and was slurring a bit). Next person he visited was Nite Owl, his personal favorite masked hero. The aging hero had been exceptionally sweet to him and had brought him over to meet Ozymandias, the newest masked hero.

Armand, who was quite small for his age, was proud hat the masked man treated him like an adult and talked to him like he was his age. Of course, as the man began to use bigger words, Armand found himself looking to Nite Owl for help in understanding him. The older man had laughed and patted him on the head (a bit degrading of a move, in the boy’s opinion) and promptly told Ozymandias that he was using words not even he understood before getting distracted by Mothman who was slurring his speech more.

“Ozymandias...” The boy asked, fingers running through his dark hair in a fairly adult-like move. “I want to be a masked hero like you and the others in a few years.”

The blonde hero looked remotely surprised at that and tilted his head to the side. “It’s a lot of hard work, you know, being a hero. Lots of training.”

Captain Metropolis wandered over at this conversation, a little bounce in his step. “It’s a lot of hard work, little-“ Here the boy puffed out his cheeks like his five-year-old sister would and glared-“Armand. And it’s dangerous sometimes. And frightening.”

“I’m not afraid.” Here, he stood a little straighter and stared up at the man. Chuckles started up in the group as they watched the boy.

“You’ll make a fine hero, Armand, one day.” Captain Metropolis smiled. “But, for now, you must obey your father, alright? What you learn from him, by being a good boy, will make you the best masked hero in all of New York one day. Alright?”

Excitement bubbled up in his chest as Armand listened to the man and he smiled and nodded quickly. “Yes sir.”

“That’s a good boy.”

Armand beamed proudly.



Prompt 03; Humility

January 1966


In his short time of being a masked hero (three months, three weeks and two days), Armand had learned a few selective rules. Rule number one; never bump into the Comedian during patrol. Rule number two; avoid being alone around Rorschach Rule number three was the most important one yet; never ever try to sneak up on Ozymandias, even if you two had a bit of a mutual understanding of a partnership.

The first rule was learned when he’d heard shots being fired and heard the unmistakable laughter of the Comedian. He’d raced two blocks to the scene of the crime and found himself being shot at by a criminal the Comedian was after with the masked man roaring with laughter and making rather rude jokes about Armand’s costume slowing him down (it wasn’t his fault his hat had slid off and he’d stupidly gone to get it). A few scrapes and bruises later, the Comedian had subdued the criminal (someone who’d thought it was a good idea to try to rob a lady in the middle of the main street) and Armand was sinking into the shadows with a few holes to be sown up in his costume.

Rule number two had been noted when he’d bumped into the second Nite Owl’s partner when he’d heard of what their ‘territory’ was. He’d been curious about the second Nite Owl, due to having met the first one multiple occasions when he was a child, and wanted to know about the man taking on his idol’s name. He’d quite literally ran into the partner of the man during a patrol in their area and had promptly been scrutinized by the faceless Rorschach, which was creepy enough, and then ruthlessly questioned (which was a hard task, considering that Armand was easily distracted and those moving inkblots were absolutely fascinating) and eventually saved by Nite Owl II who’d come running when he heard Rorschach interrogating him. After that incident, he’d made sure to never be alone with Rorschach.

The last of his rules was learned when he’d stumbled (lately) onto a crime bust in progress by Ozymandias. He’d helped the man out (his ability to using trash cans as Frisbees finally came to a good use, he’d been proud to note) and, after tying the guys up and disappearing before the cops arrived (Ozymandias might like the reporters but he did not), stayed in the alleys until Ozymandias left. He had followed the man up the fire escape onto a roof in what he thought was a stealthy way and was about to try to startle and have a bit of fun with Ozymandias, he’d been thrown off the side of the side of the building and had fallen down two stories of fire escape stairs. He vaguely remembered laughing at Ozymandias for some unknown reason as he was told that he should have some shame at least for being such a fool while trying to play a prank on another masked hero.