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Joker - Lips

November 2009



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Joker - Lips


Seems to be an angry day. Or, at least for some of us.

I don't know, I was (and still slightly am) incredibly buzzed from my afternoon/evening out with my friend, who I never get to see due to her being in collage. We went to the mall, bought stuffs, I geeked out in the comics section and in FYE...and in Hot Topic...fuck, I'll admit to geeking out in some random girly store (THEY HAD A SHIRT THAT SAID 'I LOVE SUPER HEROES' WITH A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF CLASSIC COMIC BOOK HEROES. I'M NOT ASHAMED TO SAY THAT I NERDED OUT SO MUCH, MY FRIEND BOUGHT IT FOR ME TO SHUT ME UP! :D)

But, I get to her house, start watching stupid things with her, and I get a call from another friend. He sounds oh-so-serious and it starts to remind me of what happened earlier this day. Basically got yelled at by my best friend because I was jokingly complaining about her kicking me when Joe kicks me all the time and shit.

Fuck her.

Physical abuse is nothing. Bruises heal. I'm not the one still talking to guys that build her up and destroy her constantly.

Fuck her for yelling at me when its none of her fucking business, even if I jokingly complain about his bruises. Fuck her for thinking that she can yell at me and get away with it. Fuck her for even DARING to comment on it like that when she's got much worse situations that she's done and is STILL DOING to herself.

Most of all, however, FUCK HER for thinking that she's better than me.


HAHA!! Love that shirt story haha XD
(I do the same..hehehhe)

Dooooo :o


LOVE YA!! Oh and fuck her.. yes.
:D Never fear, I will take pictures with it in a bit. Totally am wearing it right now. Hehe<3