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Joker - Lips

November 2009



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Joker - Lips

Fuck. I'm such a teenager with my drama. Ignore this. Need to rant.

I don't know why I do this to myself. Fall for a kid, find out he thinks otherwise of me from a friend, then fall for him again when someone mentions that he treats me differently. The kid went from treating me nicely, to being remotely abusive (not as bad as it sounds, really. He punches me, I punch back. Play fighting...only I bruise easily apparently) to treating me like shit.

It would be understandable if he treated me like shit and avoided me. I would understand the point of that. But, treating me like shit, and yet still coming to my house and inviting me places and talking to me? I don't understand it.

Like, seriously, today I hung with him and another friend, he kept trying to spit on me and shit. I was like, 'alright fine, you dont want to be my friend, then fine.' And I got a call from him about an hour ago, ranting about how the friend was drunk. (Knew he wasn't though, kid is straightedge, but I went over anyway because I'm like that) and as his friend is draping himself all over me and leaning against my knees and letting me play with his hair, the kid just sits there and ignores us or is outright mean and mocking to me.

Why call me over and then ignore me?

I don't understand guys at all, especially younger guys. So fucking pathetic.


..I didn't really get it. Is it the guy that you fancy the one that's ignoring you, and spitting on you while his friend is against your knees?

Ok, I don't know how old he is, but that just sounds immature and the way he treats you, is just ridicularse. Something that you don't deserve. I'd let him fall. Forget about him. If he treads you like shit, then it's not worth it. That's at least my opinion... yes yes.

Love ya girly!! <3
Yeah...he's fucking weird.

He's like, almost 16 (so young x.x) and shit. He's usually not like this to me. I'm not sure whatthefuck happened.

Starting to think I dont need him after all. Fuck him if he's going to act this way.

Love you too <3
Huh, that reminds me of Hooded Justice, and how he and Nelson... well, in short, I think he probably does like you. Guys just playfight harder. :)
Hooded Justice and Nelson? Seriously? Wow..

I know he likes me, however, I do believe someone told him I said something nasty about him and therefore, he's being mean...maybe?

I dont know.

Does having a penis mean you have to be a complete twit? >> No offense, or anything..
Guys can be such jerks sometimes. I can't stand guys who think they can get away with being complete dicks to a girl and still expect her to treat them like royalty.

Maybe next time you should throw a good roundhouse punch in his face.

Actually, that may be a bad idea. A kick to the loins will do the trick.
Punching him sounds good. But, kicking him in the loins doesnt. He apparently throws up when one does that, so I'll just stick to punching him.

Thanks though. <3